Thursday, December 16, 2010

Refreshing the studio today

So I've decided to do a bit of winter freshening up the studio, before the family comes for Christmas, because everybody wants to see where I do my work.  I mainly think its because they want to see how much more beads I've added to the collection!  So, I've decided to give you a peek at the palace. Warning!  Its far from perfect but its functional.  The one thing I've finally discovered is the "stackable paper bins" I use for my bead storage boxes, they work awesome!!!  No more shuffling to get to the box on the bottom and worrying about them all tumbling over and beadtastrophy!  My husband built the work center, which was originally built for my sewing and computer area, but now its used for the creation station!  Here it is.

So there it is.  As you can see from the pics I have to share my beading studio with my music recording studio because that's where I keep the computer and I use Sonar recording software on my PC to do this.  I'm in the midst of recording my demo for my upcoming band project release early next year in 2011.  I've also had to move my picture cube to the balcony right outside of my work room, which I can't stand but hopefully I'll be able to change that as soon as the hubby builds a wall and puts a whole in another.  A soon hoped for expansion of the square office!  Then I can separate work area from computer, picture, recording area.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Hot, Cold, Hot, Cold


So I go to sleep, its 72 degrees, I wake up, I'm FREEZING!  From 72 to 45 in a night... welcome to the wonderful world of southern living.  But, I gotta say, its better than snow... its purty, but, its cold, I need time to acclimate!  And that's why lots of people down here are sick. Other than we've got to go to work instead of staying home and taking care of ourselves and keeping our disease to ourselves.  Luckily, last week, I was able to do just that.  Unfortunately I was sick but, I was able to stay in bed and be funky and pukey all by my lonesome and not make others feel as rotten as I did.  One week later and a bottle of liquid Echinacea, I'm feeling like my old crazy, non-stop, hyper-driven self!  Woohoo!  So, I created a few pretties today while I was enjoying not having to wipe my eyes and nose every 5 minutes.

This was one of my new leather creations, I used some distressing ink on the leather that I purchased from Michaels.  I bought this in smaller pieces because I'm just feeling the waters on these.  I did make 2 of these about a month ago and I sold them in a matter of minutes... they flew off of my tables and one of the customers who bought one came back for the other, which I'd already sold.  So I decided to make some more.  Hopefully they go as fast as the others! 

I'd also made a Nostalgia bracelet made with resin and prints I'd found of Iconic places we don't have and miss dearly here in New Orleans anymore. I used to love McKensies Buttermilk drops when I was a kid!!

Then I made this bracelet today from some cool Tim Holtz material and some of my own images here in good ole NOLA.

That's all I've got for today... Oh yeah!  Most importantly, my lil sweets Harmony learned how to ride her bike for the first time with no training wheels today!!  Check her out, she was soooo proud and excited! That's ma girl!!! Talk to "Ya'll" laterer!