Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Getting ready for the festivals.... and the HEAT!

So this is what I just ordered from Sharper Image.  With the humidity and heat I'm gearing up for I need everything that could possibly help!   You wear it around your neck.  It uses 1 AA battery and some bottled water, it seems a nicer addition compared to the normal sopping wet dew rag drenched in Florida water and its not very fashionable to have the drippy shirt look when talking to the customers... ewwwww!  Nasty feeling too!  But, when its 107 out your not really worried what your looking like, other than the melted look!  So, this is what I got, I'll give it a review shout once I've tried it out and tested it in REAL heat and Louisiana humidity!!!
Chow for now Diva's!

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